Nightwatch - Tray blikjes - 24 pieces

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Nightwatch is a revolutionary energy drink, based on Guayusa leaf it provides focus and power. Drink Positive Energy!

Nightwatch extreme energy,100 % plant,zero % added sugar ,for focus and power made from guayusa.

Amazonian Quichuan tribe members drink the eco superherb Guayusa to sharpen their instincts while guarding their villages at night, when hunting or during rituals. They say guayusa has cleansing properties, provides a longer life and helps overcome day to day challenges. We put all our effort into bringing these qualities to you in a drink. Like the Quichua we call this drink: Nightwatch.

Sum up: 
* Flavored with fruit and flower extracts
* zero % added sugar, more nature! (no sugar added and no artificial or heavily processed sweeteners). 
* Total carbohydrate content at 4,2 grams per 100 ml.

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